Dondi B.
Louisville, KY.

I have been a member of Indiana Avenue Church for five years and throughout those years I have grown more confident in my spiritual walk with God. I have learned the true place of a Man according to God's Holy Word. Since I have been a part of “The Ave” family I met my wife as well. I’ve gain employment and now I have a stable job at Ford. I'm able to understand my role as a father in my children's lives. Because I didn't have a father figure in my life, I relied on what I saw in the streets. But has help shape and mold me into a better more responsible man, husband, and father. The Ave ministry and have embraced me and my family with the open arms and generosity. I am because of "The Ave" I can truly say that my life has been CHANGED!
Erica B.
Louisville, KY.

Four years ago when I decided to join this Awesome Ministry! I knew this would be a place I could call home. I was seeking for growth in my faith, but at "The Ave" I found much more. I found a family that is so loving and welcoming to all people. A family that stands right by your side and walk with you in your Christian journey. Our ministry is one that praises you in your accomplishments and comfort you in your challenges. I found a pastor who truly believes in my goals and ambitions, and pushes me to the next level. As a person I have grown in faith and truly understand who God is. I have discovered who I am and what my purpose is in life and this ministry. Since being a member of Indiana Avenue Christian Church I’ve experience change my life in more ways than one. I am now a teacher for public school system and I’ve been blessed to be a college professor. I'm happy to say I met my husband in this ministry as well. I couldn't imagine my life without this remarkable. Our mission is plain and clear, “We Kingdom One Person at A Time.” And I'm proud to say I'm a Kingdom builder and a product of Indiana Avenue Christian Church.

Kim Rivers
Louisville, KY.

The prolific ministry, has been nothing less than a matter of life or death for me. After the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband last year, I fell into a disconsolate state of existence. If it wasn't drinking myself into a stupor it was other forms of unpalatable means of escape. One day, after that last straw was plucked, suicide was my only option. It was planned, no one knew and the pain was going to stop. My phone rang, " how you doing?" God use my money to change my mind. And as result my whole family has been “saved” and baptized. My whole household been changed for the Glory of God. I'm just saying. LOLOL

Nada G.
Fisherville, KY.

Indiana Avenue Church have truly made a change in my life. When I came to Indiana Avenue I was suffering from a lot of church hurt. I had forgiven the people who had wronged me but my heart was still in the healing process. I love people and knew that God had called me to minister but had never experienced being hurt by other Christians. I really didn't think that happened until I experienced it for myself. I prayed and asked God to lead me to the place where he wanted me to be, where I could be used to help change peoples lives. I never thought I'd end up on the other side of the bridge in Jeffersonville Indiana. Thank God I did. God led me right where I needed to be. teaching of restoration helped me through the healing process and helped mend my broken heart. I am now working in the ministry at Indiana Avenue Christian Church and love it. I can help someone who may be hurting by greeting them with a hug as soon as they come through the doors at “The Ave” or by going out to evangelize to the lost and hurting. One of my most memorable events was Pastor Simpson led us to take toys to the orphans on Christmas morning. To see their faces light up with joy when they got those presents was the best Christmas present ever. You will leave changed when you come to “The Ave”. We are truly changed people, changing lives.

Jackie T.
New Albany, IN

"As a single mother raising three daughters I needed to give my children a solid Christ-centered foundation and that is exactly what we received at Indiana Avenue Christian Church. Witnessing my girls give their life to Christ at The Ave was the best feeling of my life.  Everyone is family at The Ave."

Jada N.
Louisville, KY.

Before coming to The Ave, I was homeless and jobless. A friend of mine kept asking me to join her for Wednesday night for Bible study. After much insistence, I decided to visit. Without knowing me, prayed with me. I knew that Indiana Avenue Church was the place for me. My life has changed in so many ways…I am being restored and revived by and this ministry. It was no accident that I visited that Wednesday night. It was a Divine Purpose

Andrea M.
Louisville, KY.

I have never been a member of a church until I reached out to The Ave at one of the lowest times of my life. I was laid off, did not have any transportation and facing eviction from my home. I yearned to know what it was like to have a "church home" where there was a family who loved and cared for each other but wasn't popular just because that's where the crowd goes. I found what I needed at The Ave...inspirational teaching, strong leadership and genuine people. By God's grace and divine design, I'm now employed, able to take care of my household and a leader in my church home of now three years!

Ben B.
New Albany, IN.

Indiana Avenue Christian Church changed my life in a dynamic way!! I was lost in so many ways by living the way I wanted to live, placing myself around the wrong kind of people all to try to fill the spot where I felt alone and without love for real!! Indiana Avenue Christian Church has filled my loneliness and it has given me plenty love!! I have never met a group of people that loved me so much!! I find myself so excited to get back to Indiana Avenue for more powerful messages from God through that I do my best to be as early as I can because I feel set free each time.. I love the Indiana Avenue Christian Church!! My life has been  changed so much!!